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Once again Orange Accounting provides training session that will help your IT skills and expand your knowledge as to what is current in the management and accounting world today.

This training consists of five sessions that is full of useful information, everything you want to know about Orange Accounting, implementation tips and tricks, and a great place to learn what's new for your staff and for yourself alike.

An experienced auditor, an executive secretary, a financial analyst, a systems administrator, all in one application

  • Make invoices fast and easy. Track customers' situation with one click. Track backorders automatically. Let customers place orders online.
  • Check your bank accounts daily. Track interest rates and transaction's value date. Make adjustments automatically.
  • Analyze aging accounts. Automatically generate statements and finance charges. Send statements by E-mail.
  • Check your daily tasks with the "To Do List". Track due orders, notes receivable or payable, or monthly payroll. Let Orange make those time-consuming transactions for you.
  • Analyze your cash needs with the powerful "Cash Manager". Obtain an accurate cash flow and cash forecast statement.
  • Build professional reports quickly and easily with Orange Report Generator. Build your own analysis tools with the Query Builder. Copy or export reports to any other application like Microsoft Excel.
  • Exchange data with other applications with Orange Data Exchange utility. Link branches and offices with the powerful Data Replicator tool.

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