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General Features:



- Zero-Cost,High-performance, Client/Server SQL database system

- Multiple company support on different servers

- Maximum # of users



- Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) client support

- OLE automation server

- Built in macro engine
- reports can be saved in external formats
- Copy/Paste of form and report's data
- Can E-mail reports
- Data import/export (to and from Orange or any other application)
* Requires a separate user license
- Mutli-currency, 2-base currency system
- General Ledger and analytic financial statements
- Accounts Receivable with virtual values
- Accounts Payable with virtual values
- Aging accounts and finance charges
- Fixed assets and Depreciation
- Banks, Checkbooks and bank reconciliation
- Currency manager
- Budgeting (Account, department or job)
- Payroll and commission system
- Cost centers (Job/Department) with automatic percentage allocations
- Cash forecast
- Automatic/manual transaction posting
- Value Added Tax (VAT) ready
- Purchase order tracking
- Sales order tracking
- Bill-of-material and multi-process manufacturing
- Countries and zones
- Distribution lines
- Barcode and serial numbers with expiry dates
- Cost distribution (actual/forecast)
- Packing units with separate quantities and unit conversion
- Multi-warehouse and inventory location tracking
- Different pricing methods (5 levels, discounts on amounts or gross discounts, gifts,etc.)
- User profiles
- Multi-language interface
- Custom views
- Custom fields
- Advanced report generator
- Inquiry and query builder with models
- Tens of add-ons available
System manager:
- Company explorer
- Security administrator
- Complete default and preferences sheet
- Database administration and maintenance module
- Utilities (To-do list, alert)
- End-of-period closing module
- Complete on-line help
- Tutorials
- Easy-to-use new company assistant
- Manuals
- Database structure, add-ons, OLE interface documentation

       Included                Partially available              N/A

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