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Whether you are starting a new business and wondering what kind of software to use, or have an existing one and struggling to have your inventory and accounting functions interface together; look no further, because Orange Accounting is all you'll ever need. No matter how complicated your business is; this easy-to-use and reliable business application can make it so simple! Orange will integrate all your business functions like no other software can.


Orange Accounting Standard Series:

Orange Accounting Standard Series is a powerful software, it fits small sized businesses with limited users capabilities of a maximum of 2 Users.

With standard series you can manage your Accounting, Inventory, Payroll and Finance operations.

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Orange Accounting Enterprise Series:

Orange Accounting Enterprise Series is the ultimate software that fits mid-sized businesses with unlimited users capacities.

Easy-to-use, powerful query builder with wizards; Use this smart module to design advanced, custom-made queries fast and easy.No need to understand relational database, or studying Orange internal database structure. By having pre-built joins, hints and lookup tables, building queries has never been easier.

Orange Report Artist. A full-blown report generator with wizards. Use this Report Generator to create and design the report of your own.

Decision Cubes are a major advancement in business analysis. Use your customizable decision cube wizard to build your own.

A fully featured payroll system, with custom rules. An advanced module over the standard series. Use its formula editor to apply any complex payroll rules.

Use your OLE server to link your data to external applications like Excel. You can now have spreadsheets that are dynamically linked to Orange. Every time the data changes, it will be reflected in the spreadsheet. Not to mention static link by a simple Copy and Paste operation.

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